Just have to update to kvell a little bit more about how much I love these folks. I had a slow leak in my rear tire caused by a nail, so I was filling my tire once a week. It was annoying... but I also knew it was probably kinda dangeresque to be driving around like that. I called Campanella's and asked to make an appointment to have the tire plugged, and they said, "Just bring it in." So I did. And after a whopping ten minutes, it was done. Tadaaa! I went to the desk to pay, and the guy said, "You've been here before, right?" I said, "Yeah, a zillion times." He said, "The fix is free." And I said, "Huh? Really? Like, *free* free?" He said, "For repeat customers, little stuff like this is free. Yeah." Dude... that totally made my day. To recap: Annoying tire thing that had been bugging me for 2 months was fixed in ten minutes for FREE. Hell yes. Give them your business, folks!

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