Why is there a noise coming form the air vent when turing on the fan?

Why is there noise coming from the air vent when turning on the fan?

1. Leaves stuck in the blower motor. When the fan is turned on, the leaves will spin around the blower motor making a rustling sound.

2. Bad vent blend door or actuator. The actuator responsibility is to control the vent blend door for a specific function. For example, it is used to move the vent blend door for temperature changes, defrost mode, recirculation, fresh air and so on. When the vent blend door or actuator fails, it can make a flapping or slapping noise.

3. Failed blower motor. When a blower motor is failing, it can make a whistling noise, whining noise, grinding noise, and other odd noises. Usually, the noise will gradually increase as the fan speed increases. At this point the electric motor is failing and will need replacement.

4. Rattling noise. Sometimes, objects can fall into the air duct through the vent entrance and make a rattling noise when the vehicle is in motion or when the fan is turned on.

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