Why is auto repair so expensive?

Auto repair is expensive because owning a car is a significant investment. When you factor in fuel, insurance, maintenance, unexpected repairs, and the cost of the car itself, you’re left with a lot of dollar signs! A vehicle’s parts make up a large portion of your final maintenance or repair bill. The cost of parts and materials fluctuate, and, in today’s economy, costs have risen across the board.

A specific set of tools and knowledge is also required to service a vehicle, similar to medical care. Every shop has a set labor fee per hour, a fee that changes based on depth, timeline, and type of service. Getting a basic check-up costs less than knee replacement surgery, just like an oil change is less expensive than a wheel alignment.

What do you get at Campanella’s that you cannot get anywhere else?

When it comes to auto repair, you get what you pay for. At Campanella’s we factor in parts and labor cost to provide you with a final quote. We also offer additional services—at no extra cost to you—that are not often found at other shops.

Some of these services include:

  • Shuttle Service
  • Loaner Vehicles
  • Digital Inspections with Photos & Text Updates
  • Before and After Hours Pick-Up & Drop-Off

As a bonus, we also provide complimentary tire rotations at each oil change. A tire rotation is changing the position of your vehicle’s tires to prevent premature tire wear. This allows your tires to wear evenly and prevents you from having to replace one or two tires early. We also provide complimentary tire plugs as a temporary fix for leaking tires.

If you prefer to make payments in installments, we offer third-party financing. For more information, contact one of our stores here.

Our timeline is customer-centered and we strive to accommodate as many vehicles as we can on a given day. At other shops, especially a dealership, appointments may not be available for weeks. For general maintenance, our goal is same-day drop-off and return. Our service team communicates with you if your car needs to be held longer than expected. Each of the service advisors also coordinate with local warehouses to ensure necessary parts for your vehicle arrive as fast as possible. We provide shuttles and loaner vehicles if this situation arises.

How else do we alleviate costs long-term?

Repairs eat up a large portion of your bill if you aren't careful. Unexpected repairs are often caused by poor vehicle maintenance and/or use. Our team can provide customers with a maintenance plan tailored to their vehicle. Every vehicle requires consistent maintenance—such as oil changes and tire rotations—to function at their highest capacity. Taking your car to the doctor—er, mechanic—routinely prevents extra visits down the road. It’s like going to the dentist: if you keep up with cleaning and flossing your teeth, you’ll only need to visit every six months or so for a cleaning and avoid the cost of surgery to correct an issue. If you are interested on receiving a recommended maintenance plan for your vehicle, schedule a visit with us and speak with your service advisor next time you come in for service!

We understand the significant investment you put into your vehicle. That’s why we strive to provide transparent, customer-centered service, no matter how big the job is. We care about protecting you and your loved ones on the road!

If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s health, schedule a visit with us today. We’ll start you off with a courtesy multi-point inspection, or “health check”, and go from there!

For your convenience, we have five full-service auto repair centers in the Delaware Valley:

Kennett Square, PA | Swarthmore, PA | Wilmington, DE | Pike Creek, DE | Hockessin, DE

Concerned about your vehicle's health? Our team is ready to help out!

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