Why do my disc brakes pull to one side?

What causes my Disc Brakes to get Stuck?

Having a Broken Disc Assembly means the vehicle won’t move or will create an excessive amount of Heat Damaging multiple components of your Vehicle. You may see Poor Acceleration or braking, the Vehicle Pulls to one side or an increase in fuel consumption.

1. Applies to the Brake Pads and Carrier but doesn’t apply to all Carrier Assemblies. The slots where the Brake Pads sit can become filled with Road Debris or Rust, in the end making the Brake Pads Stick. When Brakes are applied, they can force the Pads against the Rotor which is unable to release in the end.

2. The Caliper Piston may become caught in the Caliper Casting. This is caused by a buildup of Road Debris or Corrosion usually caused by a Failing Boot. Another reason can be caused by applying the Brake if your Vehicle is equipped with a Parking Brake on the Caliper. This isn’t found on all vehicles.

3. This applies only to Vehicles with a Floating Caliper Assembly; it involves the Sliding of Guard Pins. These can become stuck from Rust or Road Debris, usually from Failing Boots as well.

4. In a rare occurrence, the Brake Pad Composition can become Rusted to the Rotor. This happens when a Vehicle has been sitting for a long time. The Brake Pad can be freed just by giving the Vehicle extra power.

As these issues are Car specific, it is a good idea to have a Professional Mechanic look. When searching “Brake Repair Near Me”, consider Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center



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