What Brakes have the Most Grip Strength? Here is a Comparison

When it comes to brakes, you basically have three choices: ceramic, organic, and semi-metallic. It’s natural to want a set of brakes that grip firmly, so how do you know which ones are best? Here is a breakdown of the three most common types that will help you answer the question of “What brakes have the most grip strength”?


Semi-metallic brakes are generally thought of as having more gripping power under ordinary driving conditions than ceramic or organic ones. These brakes are manufactured from bronze, iron and steel wool, and are very effective at eliminating heat. As such, they work well, even when cold. The down side to semi-metallic brakes is that the steel wool in them may scratch the rotors, causing them to wear out faster. They also produce more dust than the other types.


Next to semi-metallic, ceramic is the second most effective type of brake as far as gripping goes. Ceramic brakes produce less dust and noise, and tend to last longer than other types of brakes. They are also easier on your rotors than semi-metallic brakes. Even so, they are more expensive, and may not provide ample stopping power when performing towing.


Organic brake pads are made from a variety of materials such as glass and rubber, and Kevlar. These pads have a slight advantage in colder temperatures than the other two types, but may actually lose some of their braking power when driven at higher temperatures. They also operate very quietly, but tend to wear faster than semi-metallic or ceramic brakes do.

All three of these brake types will provide you with exceptional stopping power, so long as the rest of your braking system is maintained properly. For best results, you should have regular inspections of your rotors, brakes and calipers to ensure you remain safe while on the road. To schedule routine maintenance or brake inspections, contact us.


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