Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas Cost For Your Car


The good news is the price of gas has fallen; the bad news is that no one knows how long that will last. We have endured nearly a decade of gas prices that have hovered around $3.00, and the stark reality is that we will most likely return to those prices at some point. For example, Peter Schiff predicts the cost of oil will quickly rise to $120 a barrel which will get us back to $3.00 a gallon real fast. He even predicts $200 a barrel in a few years (prediction was made this year) which sounds crazy but he’s made accurate predictions before. He predicted the 2008 housing collapse in 2005.

Take advantage of low prices now and save money when they start their inevitable ascension. Use these top 5 ways to save money on gas cost.

Lay off the Brakes at Stop Lights

It takes a lot of gas to accelerate from a stopped position and the faster you accelerate the more gas you use. If you are coming up to a stop light that you know is going to turn green before you reach a full stop try to slow down instead of stopping completely. You will be surprised at how much gas this tactic will save you, in the long run.

Rewards Cards

In response to the ever-climbing gas prices, many gas station chains have either partnered with grocery stores or chosen to offer their own rewards cards that can net you free products and discounted gas. Some chains even offer added benefits if you buy certain products or fill up on certain days. Rewards even come from places you would not expect like warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco. The Costco located off of Route 1 (about 15 minutes west of Wilmington) has a gas station and the gas there is always a few cents cheaper that the fair market price for gas.

Cruise Control

If you are taking a long trip, cruise control may be your best friend. Keeping your foot on the pedal through these great states can cause you to waste untold amounts of gasoline in the subtlest way possible. Cruise control guarantees a steady speed throughout which will conserve gasoline. Be aware though that using cruise control on icy or rainy roads can be hazardous, and life is more important than pinching pennies.

Filling Up When Empty

There is a common misconception that you only need as much gas as the destination in which you are going to. This leads people to go out of their way to put a few gallons of gas in their car thinking that it is saving them money when it is doing the exact opposite. Going out of your way to fill up with a gallon or two is only going to cost you more money, in the long run. It is always safer to fill up all the way, especially with the way that gas prices can fluctuate day-to-day.

Change Your Air Filter and Fill Your Tires

This is a simple fix will provide a positive change on how you save money on gas. Some experts even believe that a brand new air filter will save you up to 20 cents per gallon. The best part about that is, air filters are cheap, and they are super easy to replace on your own. Making sure that your tires are balanced, have sufficient tread, and are filled to their appropriate level will also save you a pretty penny in gas cost. Schedule an appointment and visit us. We can install one for you. We’ll also make sure your tires are inflated to specs. I can tell you from personal experience that re-filling up your tires with air will save money on gas. It keeps the tank full!

If think your car is burning through gas too fast we can help. Schedule an appointment with us and we will get your car running efficiently again.

What are you best ways to save money on gas costs for your car? Let us know below.


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