Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter is one of the roughest times on your car. That’s why it pays to make sure you’re going into the coldest months of the year with a vehicle that’s been fully prepared to take everything the season can throw at it, and then some. If you want to make sure you and your car both make it through the winter season, here are some tips you should take to heart.

Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Winter

#1: Flush and Re-Fill Your Coolant

Your engine coolant is typically a 50/50 mix of water and coolant, but when winter comes along it’s a good idea to flush it out, and replace it with fresh coolant. Instructions for this are in your owner’s manual if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of car owner, but it’s always a good idea to leave jobs like this to the professionals.

#2: Check Your Battery

Nothing is worst than slogging through the snow, cleaning off your car, and then having nothing happen when you turn your key. If you want to make sure your car starts when the mercury starts falling you need to make sure you have a battery that will stand up in the cold. If you’re getting to the end of your battery’s life, even if it seems to be working fine, it’s a good idea to replace it.

#3: Change Your Wipers and Fluid

Windshield wipers are required for rain, but when it comes to ice and snow they can be life savers. If your wipers are on the ragged edge, you should replace them before snow starts falling. You should also get some wiper fluid that has antifreeze in it so that even freezing nights don’t leave you unable to drive with a clean windshield.

#4: Check Your Tires

Where the rubber meets the road is one of the most important considerations for cold weather. If your tires are losing their treads, it might be time to get new ones so that ice on the roads doesn’t send you for a spin. You may want to consider getting snow tires, particularly if you drive in rough areas. Lastly, even if your tires are staying right where they are it’s a good idea to check your owner’s manual and to make sure you have the proper, cold weather pressure in your tires.

Winter isn’t easy on anyone, but a little bit of prevention can make the months go a lot more smoothly. If you want someone to help make sure your car is prepared for the winter months simply contact us today!


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