These Do’s and Don’ts of Washing your Car will Keep your Vehicle Shining like New

Many people put very little thought into washing their car. This can be a mistake, as car washing is not quite as simple as most people believe. To keep your automobile in the best condition possible, follow these do’s and don’ts of washing your car.


Wash your vehicle in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Perform a thorough pre-rinse by making a sweeping motion with the sprayer of a garden hose, beginning at the top of your vehicle and then working toward the bottom. Wet down only one section of your car at a time, then wash and rinse completely before moving on to the next.

Other things you should do include:

  • Rinse your vehicle off periodically if you are unable to complete a full wash. This will help prevent substances such as tree sap from damaging your paint.
  • Keep two separate buckets handy at all times. One should contain soapy water, and the other one should contain clear water to rinse your sponge with.
  • Use a bug and tar remover once you are done to remove any residue you could not remove by hand washing.


Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is using dishwashing liquid or other household cleaners to wash their car with. These products are not designed to remove dirt and grime from automobile paint, and may actually cause damage to it. For this reason, do not use anything except car wash soap for washing your car with.

Other things you should avoid doing include:

  • Washing your car in direct sunlight
  • Using the same sponge for cleaning the wheels and body of your vehicle
  • Allowing your vehicle to air dry, as this could result in spotting

Washing your vehicle is actually very easy, so long as you keep these dos and don’ts in mind. For help maintaining the rest of your vehicle, please feel free to contact us.


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