The Top Car Emergency Kit Items

Car emergency tool

Having an car emergency kit is often one of those details that people don’t think about– until the moment when they need them. Additionally, being enrolled in a roadside assistance program might give drivers a sense of security that results in the false belief that they don’t need a car emergency kit. The truth is, emergencies can happen anywhere– and that includes remote areas without cell phone reception. When that situation occurs, a car emergency kit can be a lifesaver. Below we will discuss some tips regarding the best items for your car emergency kit:

Cell Phone

Fully charged cell phone. Of course, this likely won’t be in your actual kit but should be with you in the car at all times– especially on a long road trip. Consider investing in a car charger. Did you know that you can charge your phone from your car battery without draining it? Your phone is too small to have much of an impact the batteries energy storage. If your car problems have nothing to do with the battery and your engine won’t start, you can still charge your phone. Here’s more information about it.

First Aid

Be sure that it includes Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes and ointment, gauze, aspirin or similar painkiller, and adhesive tape. Additionally, add any items that are specific to your family’s medical needs.

Your Car Emergency Kit Should Contain Fire Mitigation

Emergency Kit

Not preparing for the possibility of a car fire would be disastrous and costly. Of course, in the case of a large fire, you’ll want to get away from the vehicle immediately. There’s no reason to try to save it. If you encounter a small engine fire, it’s crucial to have a fire extinguisher handy. Not having one could mean the difference between minor car repair or a totaled car.

Long Jumper Cables

Consider buying cables with longer length. Longer cables allow the other car to be in any position and still be within reach. It makes things easier for the person helping you. It’s worth the extra cost.


Flashlight. Beware, your car will reach extreme temperatures during the year. Batteries loose their energy fast in these conditions. Consider a hand crank flashlight or a flashlight that works using your cigarette lighter as a solution. Glow sticks will also never die. You can buy them for a dollar a piece a the dollar store. Buy a bunch of them.

Emergency Signaling

A few road flares get the job done. They are bright and will slow traffic.
Reflective warning triangles are also a good alternative. Consider buying at least three so you can place them far in front of your car. Beware, many pre-packaged car emergency kits only include one.

Blown Tire In A Bad Neighborhood? Fix-A-Flat

Foam tire sealant. If you stuck in a location that is hostile and you need to get out fast, Fix-A-Flat is our recommendation. You will only have to out of the car for a few minutes, and you’re out of there. Understand that sealants are a temporary fix. You must have the rim and tire serviced immediately. If not, the chemical will dry and damage your tire, rim and tire pressure devices. It will be a costly fix.

Escape Tool

Escape Tool

If you had an accident and your front door was jammed shut using the window would be your only alternative. Sitting in your seat and using your fist to break the window is almost impossible. Watch these folks try to break their window. They even have trouble with a hammer. Take note of the girls hand after she breaks the window with the hammer.

It’s best to have a window hammer in your car. Some also come with a razor sharp blade that helps free you from your locked seat belt.
Your visor or key chain are good places for these devices.

Winter Gear

A bag of solar salt used for water softeners is perfect for melting snow and providing grip for tires if you get stuck. Kitty litter is a good second choice. Also, add a nice pair of fingered gloves and a wool hat. Changing a tire in ten-degree weather is not fun.

What car emergency kit items to you use in your car? Reply and list your below.




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