The Top 5 Most Helpful Car Apps


After hours of scouring the net we have uncovered the top 5 apps for yoru car that will help you while driving. These application most popular available and the most useful.

SmartPhone App GasBuddyGas Prices: GasBuddy

Available On: Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry

GasBuddy is a gas station locating app that finds the cheapest gas stations based on your location. You can also look gas prices up by city including Wilmington. They give you the options to look at it in a list format or a map format, and the best part is that it can be used on all smartphone platforms. Check out their gas prices page. They provide daily statistics per state and major city. The information is very interesting. Wilmington Delware seems to be lower than most. Could it be that we are not far from Marcus Hook?

Smartphone App WazeNavigation: Waze

Available On: Android, Apple, Windows

The great thing about Waze is that it not only does the basic GPS navigation, but it also is capable of rerouting you when there are changes in traffic. It is also capable of learning your preferred routes to your frequent destinations, such as on your commute. Best of all, it warns you of impending street cameras and speed traps.

Smartphone App RepairPalCar Maintenance: RepairPal

Available On: Android, and Apple

Although with RepairPal you have to sign up for a free account, the extra time is definitely worth it. This app can keep track of your car maintenance history as well as help you find the best repair shops in your area or nearby when you are on a road trip. It also provides price comparisons between the different shops for common repairs such as replacing brake pads or oil changes, so that you can educate yourself on what price ranges are reasonable before approving a repair.

Smartphone App iWreckedCar Accident: iWrecked

Available On: Android, and Apple

Hopefully, you will never have to use this app as it is designed to help guide you through what information you need to put together a claim after an accident occurs. However, it is definitely a good app to keep handy as you can call your insurance company directly from the app, find a tow company, take as many pictures of the damage as you want, and organize the insurance information of anyone else involved in the crash.


Available On: Android

We decided to add this program to the Top 5 Apps For Your Car article because it puts an end to teen texting. Texting while driving is almost as detrimental as drunk driving so we felt TextBuster deserved mention here. This Android-only app requires a $179 piece of hardware be installed into your car’s power source. This device sends instructions to the TextBuster app that deactivates all data transfer with the exception of voice and map GPS software. It makes your teen safe without you being big brother. It’s a smart balance between safety and freedom.

Below is a video explaining how the hardware gets installed in your car.


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