The Top 5 Features of Old Cars That We Miss the Most

Do you have fond memories of your Dad’s (or maybe Grandpa’s) old car and some of its features? We do, and we sure miss some of those old cars’ great features, so we’ve compiled a list of some our favorites we’d like to share.

Good visibility

Yes, we know cars are safer now with airbags, reinforced frames and all of the other safety features which come standard on all new cars. But it seems that the more safety features are added, the less visibility we have to actually see where we’re driving! Blind spots have gone from a sliver to a gaping chasm on some newer models. We miss the old cars with their wide expanses of windows and good visibility!

Wing windows

We miss those little triangular windows set in the corner of the front doors next to the dash. They were great for letting in plenty of fresh air without having it blow directly on the people sitting in the front seat. They could easily be adjusted to the perfect angle and opened anywhere from a crack to wide open. And besides, they were just great fun!

Dimmer switch on the floor

Does everything have to be mounted on the steering column? When dimmer switches were on the floor, conveniently near the driver’s left foot, they were easier to find and use. No fumbling with the myriad controls crammed onto the steering column – just a slight shift of your foot and, “press-toe”, the lights dimmed or brightened. Like magic, wasn’t it?

Hood ornaments

We miss hood ornaments! Yes, we know they were subject to theft and could occasionally become lethal missiles in the event of a crash but we still miss them. They said something about the type of car we chose to drive and our relationship with that car; they said something about us and we miss that.


We miss stylish cars that didn’t all look like they came from the same factory. They had individuality and flair; every boy worth his salt could glance at one and tell you make, model and year. Where did all that stylishness go? We miss it and want it back!

These are just 5 of the things some of us miss most about old cars. We’re sure some of you have your own favorite features that you miss most; why not share your favorites in the comments below? And if you’re in the northern Delaware area, contact us for all of your car and tire needs. We have the best full-service auto repair shop in the area!


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