The Car, Misconceptions About it That Drive People Nuts

A car is an engineering marvel. Its many thousands of parts fit together flawlessly, and it usually delivers smooth, consistent operation and performance. Often, a car’s great performance can also overcome the shortcomings of its operator. These shortcomings are sometimes humorous and sometimes not so much. There’s just something about the car, misconceptions about it that drive people nuts, that deserves a closer look, in other words.

Can Your Car Do 160 MPH?

Many cars come with a speedometer that goes all the way up to 160 miles per hour or more. But can your car go that fast? Whether your automobile can hit 160 mph or more depends on its engine and any restrictions the automaker programs into the car’s speed control computers.

Depending on the car, there’s also a big difference in stresses placed on one going 70 mph and one doing 160 miles per hour. And even if your car can go that fast, honestly ask yourself whether you have the driving skill to deal with such speed.

My Car is Completely Maintenance-Free

Vigorous competition among automakers has improved their products greatly. For example, scheduled maintenance intervals for cars today are farther apart than they’ve ever been. But no car is completely maintenance-free, which is what many owners mistakenly believe. For one, synthetic engine oils and other vital fluids eventually break down and wear out.

Automobile tires also need regular rotation. Brakes, the most powerful system in a car because they can bring even a speeding one to a complete stop, still regularly need replacing. And bulbs and belts, as few as they are today, burn out and break if you don’t look after them. Irregular maintenance such as blown transmissions or a dropped muffler also still occur from time to time.

Take Car of Your Car, it Takes Care of You

Most people only skim their car’s owner’s manual, and that’s unfortunate because it contains helpful and even vital information. Automakers have spent years studying their products, and they make maintenance recommendations based on hard-won knowledge. At minimum study the maintenance intervals in your car’s owner’s manual and take it to a certified auto repair shop.

Does your car need repair or maintenance services? Make sure you contact us today.


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