Test Your Knowledge of Car Misconceptions With This Short True or False Quiz

Do we really know all there is to know about car misconceptions? Listed below are six statements. Are they true or false?

  1. A police officer has the right to pull you over and if necessary book you for driving to slow. TRUE: If the officer believes that your slow driving is a risk to other drivers he has the right to pull you over and book you if need be.
  2. Premium fuel is better than regular fuel. FALSE: Government regulations state that all grades of fuel contain additives & detergents meant to decrease carbon deposits.
  3. It’s ok to talk on the phone while driving if I use a hands-free headset. FALSE: One fourth of all police-reported accidents are caused by driver distraction and engaging in conversation, especially on a cellphone, is the number one reason drivers are distracted.
  4. The right lane, not the middle lane is the safest lane to drive in. TRUE: The middle lane is a passing lane.
  5. The best way to pull yourself out of a skid is to apply more power. TRUE: Alot of us are taught that the best way out of a skid is to put the car in neutral, but it has been proven that more power and not less is more effective.
  6. Using the vehicle’s heater uses up more gas. FALSE: The heater is wasted energy from the combustion process. It circulates hot water that has cooled the engine. If it’s not heating our car, it just gets released into the air outside.

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