Teen Driver Safety Tips

Driving Teen

It’s a rite of passage for teenagers and a milestone that often causes great anxiety in parents: learning to drive. While getting a driver’s license is something teenagers look forward to for many years, they sometimes don’t realize that driving a car is a big responsibility. In fact, car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the country. So, what teen driver safety tips should be discussed? Start by explaining these important topics before he or she gets behind the wheel:

Teaching Teen Driver Safety Starts By Not Ignoring The Obvious

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Never drink and drive. Don’t assume that this goes without saying. Talk to your teenager about the dangers of drinking and driving– again and again. While you may prefer your teenager avoids drinking altogether, be realistic and explain how to handle the situation if they do drink. Let them know that he should always call someone else for a ride– a taxi, his parents or a trusted relative– even if he’s only had one drink. Additionally, your teenager should know never to get in the car with an intoxicated driver– even a close friend who is adamant that he’s okay to drive. Explaining awareness and teaching future consequences is very important. Below is a list of topics crucial for teen driver safety and driving drunk.

  • Explain to your teen that if they get injured or killed it will destroy “you” the parent.
  • The teen will have a life of sorrow, regret, embarrassment, shame, and guilt if they kill another person because of D.UI. Explain that their life will be hell on Earth. Make the talk impactful and they will listen.
  • The teens D.U.I will place financial hardship on their family. Attorney fees, court fees, car repairs, increased insurance premiums. The sky is the limit in the U.S.
  • Your teen should understand that they will have a police record which will effect the ability to get a job.
  • Explain that schools do not give scholarships to teens with police records.
  • Explain that the news will write about you. You’ll end up on TV. You will be shamed.

The Empty Gas Gauge

teen driver empty gas

Explain the importance of not letting the gas gauge reach empty. Even better– don’t let it get close to empty. Your teenager doesn’t want to be in a situation where his or her gauge is nearing empty without a gas station nearby. Explain the importance of keeping an eye on the gauge and making it a habit to fill up the tank before it gets close to empty.

Cell Phone Usage

This is very important. Did you know that teens with driving permits are banned from using cell phones in Delaware? Additionally, there’s a 100% full ban on texting while driving– regardless of age. Consider investing in a hands-free device for your teenager. However, you should encourage him only to make calls while driving in emergency situations and never to text and drive. In respect to texting we found a devices that blocks the ability to text while you in your car. Visit our “Top 5 Most Helpful Car Apps” post and you learn how the systems works. It’s called TextBuster an it works on droid phones.

Flat Tires

Handling a flat tire. Encourage your teenager to pull all the way off the road if he or she has a flat tire — even if that means completely destroying the tire. Then, instruct them to call for roadside assistance. Alternatively, if they know how to change a flat, let them know that they needs to be clearly visible to oncoming traffic while making the change.

What teen driver safety topics have you taught your kids? Respond to this message and let us know.


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