Not All transmission Repair Jobs Are Expensive


Most people shake and shudder like a bad clutch at the thought of needing transmission repair in Wilmington, DE. The good news is, not all transmission repair jobs are expensive undertakings. Let’s take a look at the most common types of transmission troubles and how to tell the difference between the big and the small.

Low Fluid Levels and Leaks

Transmission leaks will eventually cause your transmission to run low on fluid. This is, by far, the most common need for transmission service. Leaks can be caused by several things and a certified transmission mechanic should be consulted in order to determine the exact cause. How expensive the repair will be is usually dependent on where the leak is. Some leaks are minor and require a new seal at the shifting linkage or a drain plug is loose and may need to be tightened. Other problems include a loose filler tube or the coolant line has sprung a leak and needs to be replaced.

You can usually find out how big the problem is by having a look under the car to see where the fluid is coming from. If you see that the leak is coming from around the large pan on the bottom, chances are good that the gasket is leaking and it’s time for a filter and gasket change. This is common and it’s also the least costly to repair. However, if fluid is coming from the front or the back of the transmission, it’s probably the main seals that are leaking. Repairing this leak is more extensive because it typically requires the transmission to be removed from the vehicle in order to fix the issue.

You Hear A Low Hum, Clunking, or Whining

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Not all transmission troubles are as easily diagnosed by the average driver as a leak. If you hear any unusual noises coming from underneath your manual transmission car, it’s a good idea to have it inspected. Give us a call and have one of our qualified transmission repair technicians pinpoint and repair the problem.

Automatic transmissions usually don’t make much noise when they develop troubles. Most times, they will just start taking longer too get going from a standstill. Most small troubles you’ll experience with an automatic transmission are not all that obvious. However, if you suspect a transmission problem, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll help you get it fixed.

You Feel Grinding and Shaking

When manual transmission problems begin, you’ll start having trouble getting the vehicle into gear. If you feel any shaking or shuddering when you put the car in gear, it could very well be caused by your clutch. As the problem worsens you’ll notice that it becomes more difficult to get into gear. At the least, this will indicate that the clutch is in need of an adjustment.

In the worst case scenario, grinding and shaking is an indicator of damaged or worn out gears that need to be replaced. This usually means you’ll need transmission service right away. Our mechanics will need to rebuilt it for you. Although this type of repair is not cheap, once completed, the transmission will perform like it did when it was new.

If you think you have a transmission problem, don’t wait until it’s too late. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our expert staff will be more than happy to assist you in determining the source of the problem and offer the best solution.

Hints On How To Avoid The Need For Transmission Repair

Below are some simple tips that will prolong the life of your transmission.

  1. Don’t racing from light to light. Driving like Speed Racer puts enormous stress on the gears inside your transmission.
  2. Change your transmission fluid. This is a big one and its one of the easiest to do. Oh and bye the way make sure you use the correct fluid. Engine oil is not good and brake fluid will destroy a transmission.
  3. Abrupt stops and downshifting is also a no no.
  4. Don’t drive your car before its warmed up in the winter. This winter is going to be cold. If you car is stored outside make sure you let it warm up for a few minutes. Transmission fluid is designed to function at a defined operating temperate. If the fluid is cold the viscosity changes which strains the gears.
  5. If you have your car towed don’t let the tower drag the axel that powers your car. For example if you have rear wheel drive don’t drag the rear wheels.
  6. If you get stuck in snow or sand don’t punch the throttle and spin out. You never spin your wheels fast when you get stuck. You always go sloooow. If you spin your tires slowly they will spin when they go fast.
  7. And finally avoid using one of these.


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