Misconceptions About Using Cars After Storage

A common car misconception is using a vehicle immediately after long-term storage. Many car owners vaguely examine the car, crank it up and drive. The reality is the car isn’t safe to drive. Because it remained idle, you have no idea how damaged, rusty, or dirty the car really is. Cars in storage for a week or more need a thorough manual and car shop inspection.

  • Look for leaks – Look underneath the automobile. If there a puddle underneath, there’s a leak somewhere. Investigate the car thoroughly if a leak isn’t underneath the car.
  • Check tires – Vehicles that rest in one position for a long time will have low tires. Since tires keep the car from touching the ground, problems will pop up. Check the tire pressure. Fill the tires up to the correct pressure level. The exclusion to this rule is placing your car on top of jack stands. Jack stands keep the tires in good condition.
  • Pests – When rodents see something that hasn’t been active in a while, it becomes their new house. Open the car doors, the trunk, the hood, and check underneath the car for rats, spiders, cockroaches, ants, and other critters. Likewise, look for droppings, chewed wiring, eaten food, and weird smells inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Wires and pipes – Speaking of wires, the wiring system, exhaust pipes, and similar equipment need inspection due to dents, holes, and cracks.
  • Rust – Batteries, car exteriors, oil filters, pipes, and other points with access to exterior moisture can corrode. Corrosion creates leaks, and leaks create rust. Rust is fixable with the proper cleaners and cloth or at the auto store.

The manual inspection is half the work. It will run well enough to send it to a professional auto mechanic at the auto repair shop. With the latest equipment, the vehicle goes through a point-by-point inspection. It’s best to repair the car now so you won’t have additional problems later. Continue to visit the car shop frequently during oil change inspections. Also, visit the shop when something is amiss in the vehicle.

Never buy into car misconceptions. Bring your car from stationary to new the right way. For more information on car maintenance, contact us.


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