Misconceptions: Bad Beliefs About Cars

Want to make your mechanic crazy? Tell him that you’re pretty sure the engine is knocking because you let the gas tank get almost empty last week and the gas tank sludge has invaded your engine.

Chances are he will politely nod and then walk away wondering where all these car misconceptions get their start.

Or, tell him about that one when you bought a Tram air filter that was bad, so all their products are bad and you never, ever want them put on your car. Ever.

Whether it’s just a misconception handed down through the ages — like that only Ford and General Motors make American-made cars and imports are unAmerican — or willful ignorance claiming that women can’t drive a manual without burning out the clutch, mechanics hear a lot of garbage about cars.

Some may have been true at one time or about one model of a specific brand, but for the most part, these misconceptions have become urban legends, things we believe even though we probably know better.

No, Ford does not stand for “found on road dead” and no, not every Ford pickup is better than every other pickup ever made. As you plan your summer vacation, or just drive into work tomorrow, here are a few misconceptions about cars that make your mechanic, your spouse, and the guy in the car next to you shake their head in disbelief.

  1. Driving an expensive car means you are having a midlife crisis.
  2. Driving a pickup makes you a bigger or better man.
  3. It’s absolutely necessary to come to a complete stop before making a turn.
  4. If you’re making a right turn at a red light, you don’t have to stop.
  5. A yield sign means force other drivers to get out of your way.
  6. Driving a manual transmission is hard.
  7. Back up cameras mean you don’t have to look before you back up.
  8. Turn signals are optional.

Are you guilty of any of these car misconceptions? If so, contact us and we’ll be happy to help set you straight.


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