It’s Freezing and My Car Heater is Broken: Getting Help With Your Wilmington, DE Car Repair

The weather is quickly turning chilly, and it’s a grim reminder that there’s only more cold to come in. Winter can be especially trying if you’re dealing with a broken heater in your vehicle. Those early morning drives to work get pretty miserable at 30 degrees. If you’re having trouble with your car’s heating system, let an experienced mechanic help with your Wilmington, DE car repair.

You car’s heater is part of the same system that cools your car’s engine. Coolant circulates through the engine absorbing heat. This created heat gets exchanged with outside air via the radiator. The heater core is a smaller version of the radiator that uses the same hot coolant to warm the inside of the car. If your car is blowing cold air into the cabin, chances are one of two things has occurred.

First, the temperature of the engine should be checked. A thermostat or thermal valve opens and closes when it’s cold to restrict the flow of coolant. This allows engines to warm up quickly. If the thermostat wears out, it can become stuck. Depending on whether it remains open or shut, your vehicle can overheat or run cool. A broken thermostat will prevent the coolant from getting hot enough to produce heat in the car’s interior.

The next item to check for is a buildup of dirt and grime in the heater core. Sediment can collect in the heater core restricting the flow of coolant. A mechanic can perform a flush to remove the buildup. A flush is not very difficult to perform, but the process can be extremely messy and the coolant must be disposed of properly.

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle’s heating system, a quick trip to the mechanic can prevent you from turning into a human popsicle this winter. Contact us to schedule a full service to get your vehicle in shape for the cold winter months ahead.


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