How much should brakes cost to repair?

The cost of brake repair depends on several factors: vehicle make and model, parts cost, labor fee, and necessary repairs. While the average cost for a full brake repair ranges from $400 to $700, these factors do not guarantee a fixed price. Your vehicle’s make and model plays a major role in determining the price of its various parts. Ceramic brakes, for example, cost more than semi-metallic brakes—but also tend to last longer. High-end vehicles that use higher quality material usually have more expensive parts. The cost of parts is determined by the manufacturer and varies depending on the vehicle make and model. At Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center, we use trusted third-party suppliers to order parts. If the third-party does not have the right part, we will order from the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. Because they are more expensive, we only resort to OEM if none of our suppliers have the part your vehicle needs.

The cost of a brake job also depends on whether you need to replace the entire brake system or a single component. If just the rotors need to be replaced—whether it’s due to rust or other damage—it will cost significantly less than replacing every brake component. If you think your vehicle needs brake repair, you should take it to a trusted auto repair shop so they can determine the necessary repairs and provide an accurate cost based on their findings.

A good service provider will not be able to quote an accurate price for a brake job until they’ve examined your vehicle. You wouldn’t ask a doctor how much knee surgery costs until they’ve examined your knee, right? The best way to determine the repairs needed and cost for your vehicle is to bring it in for a complimentary inspection. By looking at your vehicle, we can provide accurate recommendations for services and quote the cost for you based off our findings. Our team at Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center is always happy to break down cost for you! We also offer third-party 0% financing if you prefer to break up your payments.

If you are concerned about the brakes or another area of your vehicle’s health, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today!


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