Hot Cars and Child Safety

One of the worst tragedies that can happen to a parent is the loss of their child. Yet this happens every year when children die from heat exhaustion in parked cars. Many of these incidents weren’t the result of neglectful parenting but of an oversight or miscalculation caused by some very common car misconceptions surrounding overheated cars.

I Never Leave My Kids in the Car, so It Won’t Happen to Me

This can happen to anyone, no matter how caring the person is. This may occur in a number of ways. At some point in the lives of many people, they accidentally lock themselves out of their homes in spite of careful efforts to never let this happen. While one’s child can’t be compared to a set of keys, the very same reasons that cause people to lock themselves out of their homes can also cause them to forget their child in the backseat when leaving their car.

It only takes sufficient stress or an unusual event that rattles them. People who have had a tight daily routine for years can accidentally leave a child in a car if that child isn’t a part of the routine. Habit is a powerful force and a distraction or stressful event can cause a person to default back to the habit of leaving the car without checking the backseat. In the end, it’s about memory and habit and the things that affect them.

My Car Won’t Get Hot Because It Isn’t Summer

A car can overheat when it’s 60 degrees outside. Factors affecting this are closed windows, intense sunlight, and the color of the car’s interior.

My Car Won’t Get Hot Because I Left My Window Cracked Open

A cracked window isn’t sufficient ventilation to counter the heat buildup from sunlight entering several windows. In addition, if it’s a warm day, the air temperature outside the car won’t be cool especially in a paved parking lot.

My Car Doesn’t Feel Very Hot

An adult copes with heat better than a small child. In addition, the car will get hotter after leaving it.

Three Tips

1.) Make a habit of always checking the backseat even when your child isn’t with you. As was mentioned above, habit is a powerful force, so make it work for you.

2.) Place something that you can’t leave the car without such as a wallet, purse, cell phone, or other important article in the backseat with your child.

3.) Always take your child with you regardless of circumstances because it isn’t worth the risk.

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