Hacks to have you spending less money on gas

With Gas Prices on the rise, it is important to use your Fuel most Efficiently. By taking the following suggestions into consideration, you will cut down not only Fuel but also Maintenance Costs.

  1. Undergo Servicing on time

It is a good idea to consult an ASE Certified Mechanic, such as the team at Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center, before something terrible happens, not after. The Filter and Oil should be changed about every 4,500 Miles. To avoid additional Expenses, do this on time otherwise it can lead to Engine Failure, which can be an Expensive Repair.

  1. Monitor your Tire Pressure

To get the best out of your Car get the highest possible Pressure in your Tires. It will make your Rolling Resistance and Gas Milage better.

  1. Don’t Put the Pedal to the Metal

Many Drivers love to slam on the Acceleration. When you Accelerate sharply it makes your Car consumes more Energy, so Fuel Consumption also increases.

  1. Use Control on the Highway

Your Vehicle will consume much less Fuel if you follow speed limits and use Cruise Control. Most Cars use about 20% Less Fuel if you Drive at 55 MPH vs 70 MPH.

  1. Turn off the Air Conditioning

With the Air Conditioner turned on, Fuel Consumption increases by 15% on average.

  1. Limit Driving when it Rains

Wet weather makes your Tires carry on through the precipitation on the Road. Water makes the Tires, Transmission Oil, and Axle Oils cool down and become less Efficient.



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