Four Common Car Noises Explained

Four Common Car Noises and What they Mean

When turning on your car, you hear a loud squeal. When turning the corner, you hear clicks coming from your steering wheel. Let’s dive-into the four most common car noises and what they mean.

#1: Squealing noise coming from the engine area after turning on the car.

Commonly caused by a worn-out serpentine belt that is slipping on the metal pulleys inside the engine. This belt is important because it helps power devices such as your alternator, starter, water pump, air conditioning compressor and radiator fan. Most of the time the belt can be readjusted, and the problem can be fixed. While other times the belt just needs to be replaced.

#2. High-pitched squealing while braking

Another common car noise comes from your brake system. High-pitched squealing while applying your brakes can point to worn out brake pads that need to be replaced. The more metallic the squealing noise the more the brakes are damaging the brake rotors. Be sure to have the pads replaced as soon as possible.

This brake noise can also be caused by a buildup of rust on your brakes that has built up over night on cars that are parked outdoors. This noise will usually go away once you start driving and is not as serious as the continuously squealing brakes which require immediate maintenance.

#3. Clicking while turning

This clicking is caused by the worn or damaged CV (Constant Velocity) joints. CV joints are just like the ankles and wrists on our bodies and allow the vehicle’s axles to move with flexibility while the wheels are spinning. Clicking while turning and accelerating usually indicates the need for a CV joint replacement.

#4. Loud tire noises while driving

If you hear noise coming from your tire while driving, first, be sure to check the pressure of your tires. If this is not the cause, have you tires checked for balance and alignment. In some cases, the wheel may actually be bent causing a noticeable vibration noise while you are driving. In each of these cases, have the tires checked out because it is important that your car always grips the road properly.

Remember to pay attention to your car and the noises it makes next time you go for a drive. Be sure to make note of the sound and the location the sound is coming from so you can easily communicate your issue with your local mechanic such as Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center.



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