Don’t Let Car Repair Misconceptions Leave You Stranded

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about car repair. These can stem from that one bad experience your uncle had in the 80s or those pesky perpetuated myths that just won’t die. Here are three tidbits of valuable information that will help your car live a long, happy life and keep you from being stranded.

  • The Tire Pressure Monitoring System Makes Sure Tires Are Adequately Inflated.

Wrong. The regulations governing how the TPMS on your car works do not require the monitoring system to issue a warning until the tires are already at an unsafe pressure for driving. It may not warn you until your tires are a full 25% below recommended safe pressure.

Many people have become complacent about checking the air pressure in their tires due to this false sense of security.

Bottom Line: Check your tire pressure regularly.

  • Car Manufacturers Only Recommend Preventative Maintenance So You’ll Spend More Money

Wrong. All of those suggested preventative maintenances are designed to avoid a costly malfunction. They are recommended at regular intervals based on the durability and life time of each component of the car.

Sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for servicing your vehicle can avoid costly repairs down the line.

Bottom Line: An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

  • Garages Recommend Unnecessary Work So They Can Charge More

Wrong. Mechanics have a clear understanding of how the components of a vehicle work. A quality mechanic will carefully inspect your vehicle, and will bring to your attention any minor issues in order to prevent them from becoming costly problems down the road.

Bottom Line: Your mechanic is your car expert and they are worth listening to.

For more information or to set up a service for your vehicle, please contact us.

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