Don’t Fall for These 3 Common Winter Driving Misconceptions

Fall just started and, technically, it lasts 3 months. But everyone on the East Coast knows that it will be a lot less time than that before our difficult winter takes over. Before it starts, let’s clear up some common misconceptions about driving in the Winter

  • Four-wheel drive prevents your car from slipping or skidding. Absolutely not. While cars with four-wheel drive help you maximize traction by shifting power, when it’s time to stop the car in slippery conditions, they don’t have much more stopping power than cars without four-wheel drive. Brakes, speed, tires and road conditions are the most important factors in determining if a car slips or skids, not four-wheel drive.
  • If you start skidding, you should pump the brakes. This doesn’t apply in the case of cars with an ABS braking system, which is most cars on the road. ABS automates the action that drivers had to take in the past if they started skidding. If you have ABS and you want to avoid hitting a car or another object in front of you, press firmly on the brakes and steer in your intended direction, don’t pump.
  • You should heat your car up for a few minutes. Cars made in the last decade or so are quite efficient. No need to idle for more than 30-60 seconds, it just wastes gas and time. The car does most of its warming up while you’re driving.

You have enough to deal with this winter, don’t let these myths worry you.

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