Common Misconceptions About Hybrid Cars

Concerns for the environment cause inventors and technology experts to get to work for new ways to do the same things, but in a more sustainable way. Thus, the creation of hybrid cars. Because people are so misinformed when it comes to these compact vehicles, they often overlook the advantages of investing in them.

Too Expensive

It’s obvious that hybrids pay off at the gas pump, but the fact that most people are convinced that hybrid cars are too expensive is by far the biggest myth out there. Although, they once were kind of pricey when they were first introduced to the public, like most new technology, the price has decreased substantially throughout the years. As far as repairs go, today’s mechanics are better equipped to work on these cars and their parts are more available now.

Too Small & Slow

Hybrids are usually compact sedans, with a sleek design that seemingly lacks muscle. Many people feel that their energy-efficiency makes them too slow to be considered a “good buy.” According to, some hybrid models have 300 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than sixty seconds.

Too Much Work

Another common misconception is that the ownership and maintenance of a hybrid car takes a lot of effort. Many feel that they have to constantly plug their car in to keep its battery alive. False. I bet you didn’t know that a hybrid’s batter is never fully charged, which significantly extends its overall lifespan, and in turn gives you one less thing to worry about.

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