Christmas Travel Facts You Should Know

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but sometimes you have to get in your car to get there. If you’re planning on traveling around the Christmas holiday here are some figures you should keep in mind.

Fact #1: 91 Percent of Holiday Travel is by Personal Vehicle

That sounds like a lot of people on the roads, doesn’t it? If you’re worried about pile ups and traffic jams, though, it’s important to know that during the non-holiday periods 89 percent of travel is by personal vehicle.

Fact #2: Travel Goes Up More During Thanksgiving Than Christmas

Long-distance travel goes up by roughly 53 percent during the Thanksgiving holiday, but only about 23 percent during Christmas. It seems that if you have to choose, Turkey Day comes out as the winner.

Fact #3: Holiday Travelers Are Younger

Have you ever wondered why Christmas is always held at grandma’s house? Maybe it’s because it’s a touch stone for the family, or it has more room for guests, but whatever the reason those who travel during the Christmas holiday tend to be younger than those who travel during non-holiday periods.

Fact #4: The Weekend is Still The Biggest Trip Time

The Christmas holiday falls on different days every year, but when it falls on a day earlier in the week then more people opt to leave over the weekend than to travel during weekdays.

Fact #5: A Lot of People Skip New Years

While Christmas with the family seems like a big deal, travel on the days directly following Christmas spikes once more. It seems that while Christmas is a family holiday, New Years is best celebrated at home.

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