Car Tips and Tricks That Really Work

Pantyhose for a fan belt

You spend a lot of time in your car, which is why you need to keep it clean, well organized, and in top running condition at all times. Doing so can be time consuming; however, these car tips and tricks can be used by anyone to make the job much easier.

  • Use hand sanitizer to de-ice your locks
  • Place floor mats underneath your windshield wipers during cold weather and you’ll never have to scrape ice and snow.
  • Add sticky pads to your dashboard to keep cell phones in place.
  • A plastic cereal container makes the ideal trash bin for your car.
  • trash can cereal holder

    Plastic bags from the grocery story are perfect.
  • Keep a box of crayons in your glove box. In an emergency, you can burn one crayon for around 30 minutes to produce heat and light.
  • Toothpaste can be used to make your headlight plastic transparent again. It will also remove minor scratches.
  • Paint the inside of your doors a reflective color so that on coming traffic will notice that you door is open when parking at night.
  • Use a razor blade to remove stickers from your bumper and windshield.
  • Baby shampoo is an excellent choice for washing the exterior of your car.
  • Use a shoe organizer on the back of your seat to keep everything neatly in place.
  • Old pantyhose can be used in a pinch should a belt break. This method should not be considered a permanent fix, but instead used just long enough to get you to a service station. This DOES work.
  • If your battery leads are corroded, pour soda over them. It will eat the corrosion. Baking soda in water will also work.
  • Make a coloring case from an old DVD box to keep your children entertained on the go.
  • CD Box Coloring Kit
  • Use nail polish to disguise minor scratches-just be sure the shade matches your finish as closely as possible.
  • Use a tiny paintbrush to clear your air vents.
  • Drop your business card down the window slow in your door. This will prove that you own the car if it ever gets stolen. This is a great tip.
  • Dust your car’s interior with dryer sheets to help eliminate unwanted odors.
  • Place important papers inside an accordion file to find them easily in your glove box.
  • Use Waze on your cell phone to help you find your way.
  • Cut a pool noodle in half, and then place it along your garage wall at precisely the right height to keep from banging up your car door.
  • Insert silicone cup cake molds into your coffee cup holders. This allows you to get coins out easier and it keeps the holes clean.

These car tips and tricks will make spending time on the road much more pleasant, as will having regular service performed. To schedule an appointment for an oil change, tire rotation or other service, contact us.

Car Hack Fails (Just For Fun)

There are some car tips and tricks that should never be considered. Below is a small example of what not to do with your car. Do yourself a favor and seek quality auto repair.

Car HackMercedes SignWiper BladesSide MirrorWheelMirrorFanlockBroken Wheel

Do you have any car tips and tricks that have worked for you? We love to hear form you. Let us know below.

UPDATE: We found some excellent tips and tricks at the Reliance Auto Centre website in Australia.Check them out


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