Car Service Tips That Will Increase Gas Mileage

This list of car service tips that will increase gas mileage will make your car more efficient.

  1. Take out heavy items in your automobile. Heavy items weigh your car down. The additional weight forces the car to use more gas to travel to the destination. Removing the weight improves gas mileage. Taking away 100 pounds of heavy items in your car improves it by 2%.
  2. Keep your tires properly inflated. Properly inflated tires last longer. Inflating tires to the proper pressure increases gas mileage by 3.3%.
  3. Replace your dirty air filter. Dirty air filters blow into the engine, The dirt and particles reduce the engine’s gas mileage. Changing it improves car performance and acceleration.
  4. Select the right kind of motor oil. No motor oil is the same, and the incorrect kind of oil affects gas mileage. Read the manufacturer’s handbook for their suggestion of grade motor oil for your vehicle. Consider using oil that says, “Energy Conserving.”
  5. Improve your driving habits. When driving, shift to a higher gear. It helps to reduce fuel consumption. The next idea is practicing sensible driving. Aggressive driving and road rage wastes gasoline. Being a cautious, safe, and calm driver is better for you and other drivers. The third idea is to use cruise control. Cruise control means driving at a constant velocity, which forces gasoline to burn a consistent amount. The final idea is to plan your route accordingly. Doing all errands in one trip saves more on gasoline fuel consumption than running one errand at a time.
  6. Keep the windows up when you’re driving 60 miles or more per hour. This lowers fuel efficiency at high speeds due to aerodynamic drag. This is particularly helpful for drivers who use the freeway.
  7. When the car is stationary, turn the car off. When the car is idle, the AC is eating the gas mileage. Turning it off saves more gas mileage than holding the brakes in idle mode.
  8. Get your car checked by a professional car service. Routine checkups allow car professionals to apply a point checkup inspection to analyze every inch of the car for problems. They will alert you at the first sign of failure.

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