Car Misconceptions About Towing Services

Car misconceptions about towing services turn intelligent human beings into needless skeptics. The most common misconceptions are:

Towing companies are money hungry scammers.

This misconception stems from vehicles parking on illegal property. Company owners call tow services to impound the car. You must pay a fee before you receive the car. Towing because of breaking the law vs. towing due to vehicle damage are two different things. Don’t get this confused. Towing services are part of emergency roadside assistance. Those prices are reasonable versus paying because you broke the law.

Tow truck drivers cannot break into your car just to tow it.

The tow representative can enter your car. The tow representative cannot damage the vehicle. In conclusion, the rep can enter your car if it’s necessary to tow the vehicle.

Towing companies aren’t open at night, so I have no choice but to wait until tomorrow to tow.

This isn’t necessarily true. Towing services aren’t open at night. However, waiting until the next day is unnecessary. Tow services post a sign with the towing operator’s phone number on the door by law. Call that number during the night hours to speak to someone about your vehicle.

Call on a tow truck service only when there’s car damage.

Tow trucks provide more assistance than towing damaged vehicles. A tow truck service provides locksmith services (i.e., retrieving keys from locked vehicles), fuel services, a battery jump, and spare parts (i.e., tires). You can also call tow company dispatches for directions.

Tow companies won’t tow large vehicles.

Tow trucks come in two forms: standard tow trucks built with flatbed services or semi-trucks. Both carry large vehicles with ease.

Tow trucks are valuable, and each tow services are different. It is imperative car owners have a tow truck service on speed dial. Some tow services work with car insurance companies (i.e., AAA); some are independent. Regardless, ignore the misconceptions about towing services and use a towing service to take your car to our shop. We will fix your car like new in no time. Contact us for more information on car repair and misconceptions.


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