Car Care and Car Shop Misconceptions

Car shops and manual car maintenance have many misconceptions. We believe them because we trust family, friends, car dealerships, and research as truth. The reality is most car misconceptions related to maintenance are false. Here are the most common ones.

New cars need less maintenance. While newer cars offer technology and damage-free parts, that doesn’t mean it’s maintenance free. Maintenance relies heavily on how and where. Cars used often need more maintenance than a standard errand-running, work-traveling vehicle. A standard checkup at the auto shop is the best chance at maintaining the car’s newness.

Mechanics manipulate customers to perform unnecessary work. Initially, one problem brought you to the mechanic, and there are five problems after inspection. While there are some car shops swindling customers, not everyone is. Ideas to try include asking for proof and getting a second opinion at another car shop. Also, read reviews about car shops and sticking with the chosen car shop to monitor changes in customer service.

Get an oil change every 3,000 miles. While it’s important to have a routine checkup, it proves accurate to read the car manual and stick to their service intervals. The average car needs an oil change every 7,500 miles. Changing it too often such as the 3,000 miles myth will cost extra money.

Premium oil is better than regular oil. It costs more, but premium doesn’t make your car better than regular. Premium work for high-octane compression engines; it lessens pre-ignition problems.

Let the engines warm up before driving. That’s a myth that was true. Today’s cars don’t need a warm up to run properly. Instead of warming the engines for a few minutes, drive the car as soon as the engine cranks. However, drive slowly and build to the desired speed to warm the car.

You have to repair your car at the dealership to use the factory warranty. You can attend any car shop, including us, and the factory warranty will still hold merit. Moreover, keep receipts and records on file just in case a dispute arises.

Give your car the TLC it deserves. Maintain it properly without letting pre-judgments get in the way. Contact us for more information about car misconceptions.


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