Beware of the Rack!

Two winters ago I was long overdue for some new tires for my Chevy Tahoe. I drive an older model Tahoe that has a really tight turning radius, and is notoriously heavy; which is great for pulling into tiny parking spaces in crowded lots, and keeping drivers safer on slick roads, but apparently this combination chews through tires (which I didn’t find out until much later). With snow, ice, and rain already posing a threat, and Christmas around the corner, I made the mistake of ordering tires online. My husband was against the idea at first, but I convinced him it would fine, and would be a big savings.

A common misconception is that if you order tires online you will save big money, and then you just pay retail to have them installed. Well, we ordered them, took them to a tire store, had them installed, and literally no more than a year later, I needed a whole new set. What could have cost me about a thousand dollars the first time, ending up costing me almost two grand. I speak from experience when I say, leave your tires up to the professionals, don’t be sucked in by the low prices of off brand tires, and save yourself money in the long run. Not only were the tires I ordered poorly made and poorly suited for my vehicle, they couldn’t withstand the winter conditions that I ordered them for in the first place.

Ordering tires online from places like TireRack, and having them installed may be tempting when money is tight, but don’t let the promise of low prices affect your decision. Not only will junky tires end up costing you more money in the long-run, bad tires can cost you your life. Please contact us for comprehensive tire services from professionals with almost thirty years of experience that will keep you safer, last you longer, and save you money!


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