Are Run Flat Tires Worth It? Here are Some Things to Consider

Flat tires are something every automobile owner dreads. Changing a tire isn’t always possible, and flat tires also tend to happen in inconvenient locations. To make having a flat tire less cumbersome, many manufactures are now providing new car buyers with run-flat tires that will allow them to drive as far as 100 miles before changing them. While run-flat tires are convenient, they do have a few disadvantages. Are run flat tires worth it? Here are some things to consider.


Aside from making it more convenient to fix a flat tire, there are several other advantages to run-flat tires such as:

  • Providing better stability in the event of a blowout, since run-flat tires automatically have more support built into them
  • Being standard equipment on up to 12% of new cars, so buying an upgrade is not needed.
  • Allowing extra trunk room, since owners do not need to carry a spare or jack
  • Lowering the weight of the vehicle to improve gas mileage


A few of the disadvantages of run-flat tires include:

  • The possibility that they may require replacement sooner
  • Costing more than traditional tires when it’s time to replace them
  • A noticeable difference in the way a vehicle rides and handles
  • An increased need to monitor tire pressure, as it may not be obvious whenever tires are low on air

The Bottom Line

Run-flat tires are ideal for those who are concerned they may not be able to change a tire if required to do so. As such, senior citizens or those with limited mobility could benefit greatly from them. Likewise, individuals who regularly travel in dangerous areas and feel it might be unsafe to change a tire may also want to consider them. Those who are comfortable changing their own tires and want greater control over how their vehicle handles may prefer traditional tires.

Here at Paul Campanella’s Auto and Tire Center, we service both traditional and run-flat tires, and invite you to contact us if you need service in the Wilmington, Delaware area.


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