8 Common Car Misconceptions That Drive Car Owners Nuts

There are many misconceptions out there about cars. You can hear them about everything to do with cars from maintenance, purchasing a car, selling a car, repairing cars, and much more. Of the many different misconceptions regarding cars there are 8 common car misconceptions that drive car owners nuts.

  1. Bad Experiences = Bad Cars – This is the biggest issue that drives car owner’s crazy. Why? Because once someone has a less than thrilling experience with a car they assume that every car from that company is exactly the same. Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes the issues stem from having bad luck with a particular model, sometimes there are recalls, sometimes it’s an issue with the dealership. There is no true justification for saying *insert car company* is horrible, never buy them!
  2. Car Speedometers – The car’s speedometer does not necessarily indicate how fast said car will go. Just because Car A has a bigger number on the speedometer than Car B it does not automatically make Car A faster. Speed can vary based on many different factors.
  3. Gas Tank Sludge – How often do you hear the blanket statement: Keep your gas tank full so the sludge and debris at the bottom of your tank doesn’t kill your car! News flash, most cars draw their gas from the bottom of the tank. However, that’s not the reason why you shouldn’t let your gas thank run low. Having a low fuel level in your tank makes your pump work harder and that is not something you want. Particularly when you can prevent this by making sure you aren’t running low on gas.
  4. Manual v.s. Automatic – Everyone has an opinion on which is better and why. There is no true right or wrong. Driving an automatic does not really mean that you are an inferior driver and driving a standard does not mean that you are a better drive. Standard transmission does not automatically correlate to better gas mileage or decrease the chance of driving while intoxicated either.
  5. Snow Tires – The concept that snow tires are (or aren’t) essential. The truth is that if you live in an area that experiences harsh winter conditions, a good snow tire can give you much better traction and handling. However, snow tires do not make it ‘easy’ to drive in winter. However, having good tires of any type is important regardless of the weather.
  6. AWD = 4WD – This misconception is fueled by the belief that an all-wheel drive vehicle is exactly the same as a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Although similar they do not equal each other. I suppose one could remember that there must be a reason why they have two different names!
  7. Engine size/weight – Comparing the engine size and weight and relating it to the overall speed of the car is a very common trend. Truth is many engines do not vary THAT much in size and weight… at least in terms of the speed of the car. Speed of the car can be more commonly associated with the power of the engine.
  8. What A Car Says About You – There are so many misconceptions about what your car says about you. If someone in their 40s or older purchases an expensive car or a sports car, the assumption is that the person is experiencing a mid-life crisis. It might just be that the person has had a steady income longer and can now afford the nicer car! Also size of the vehicle does not mean that someone is or isn’t compensating for anything. In many cases people purchase vehicles that they like regardless of size, color, make, model, etc.

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