6 Car Tips That Will Increase Gas Mileage


Heavy items weigh your car down. The additional weight forces the car to use more gas to travel to the destination. Removing the weight improves gas mileage. Taking away 100 pounds of heavy items in your car improves it by 2%.

Tire Pressure

Keep Your Tires Filled

Properly inflated tires last longer. Inflating tires to the proper pressure increases gas mileage by 3.3%. This tip is very important in the middle of winter when air temp drops. Tire pressure drops one to two pounds for every 10 degrees the temperature falls. This will add in fuel costs if unchecked.

dirty air filter

A Dirty Air Filter Stops Air Flow

This is of the best tips that will increase gas mileage. Dirty air filters blow into the engine, The dirt and particles reduce the engine’s gas mileage. Changing it improves car performance and acceleration.

Change Your Driving Habits

Turn car off

This is one of the best all time tips that will increase your gas milage! Your driving style and habits can provide the largest impact on gas savings. Below outlines fantastic driving tips that will save you money on gas.

  • When driving, shift to a higher gear. This drop allows your engine to lower its RPM.
  • Aggressive driving and road rage forces your car to eat gas like crazy. Don’t bother with it.
  • Drive calm. Be safe.
  • Use cruise control. Driving at a constant velocity, forces gasoline to burn a consistent amount.
  • Plan your route accordingly. Doing all errands in one trip saves more on gasoline fuel consumption than running one errand at a time.
  • If you’re stuck in traffic use Waze to find a fast alternate route to get you home. Sitting in traffic burns gas and money.
  • Avoid the rush hour window by leaving early.
  • If you have a sunroof where the glass slides to the outside of the roof close it.
  • Conserve momentum as best you can. Using the correct racing line around curves, minimize braking SAFELY and buy EasyPass. That way you can you don’t have to stop. These are hypermiling techniques and are a bit extreme, but they work.
  • Minimize the use of four wheel drive if you have it.

If You’re Not Moving Turn The Car Off

Oxygen sensor

When the car is stationary, turn the car off. Try reduce idling. Unless your car is extremely cold, don’t bother warming up your car. It’s rarely needed and your wasting money.

Routine Checkups

Bring your car in. We’re located in Wilmington Delaware. We’ll check your car and make sure the following is working.

  • Emission test
  • Check that oxygen sensor is working
  • Use recommended oil for car
  • Check the fuel filters (if needed)
  • Check the air filter
  • Check the Spark plugs
  • Check the wheels for alignment
  • Inspect exhaust emissions

Common Myths That Don’t Work

The Following tips that will increase gas mileage are bogus and can be found everywhere on the net. These tips provide little to no savings in mileage.

  • Keeping Your Windows Up: Test has proven that the savings in gas cost is so small that it’s not even worth it. If you want air, just crack your windows and enjoy the air.
  • High-Quality Gas Give Better Mileage: Nope! High octane gas does not equal more power. This gas only helps cars with high-performance engines. It’s a waste of money for the average driver.

Have any Tips That Will Increase Gas Mileage For Your Car?

Reply below and let us know.


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