5 Tips To Keep Comfortable During Long Road Trips


Road trips can be an exciting adventure and provide time for plenty of bonding among passengers. However, very long road trips can also have their pitfalls, including: achy bodies, less than ideal nutrition, and exhaustion. In order to help combat these challenges, consider the following tips to keep comfortable during long road trips before embarking on your next journey:

Real Food Not Junk

Not only will this snack bag keep you fueled, but it will also help you resist the temptation to stop for less healthy food options on the road. Be sure, however, to make sure that your snack options are healthy and not sugar loaded, particularly if you have kids joining you on this road trip. Healthy snack options might include string cheese, rice cakes, nuts, and apple slices. Don’t neglect your hydration either– bring a cooler packed with plenty of water.

Plan for Stops During Long Trips

Build several stops into your timeline when planning your road trip– particularly if you have children that will be traveling with you. Even if your road trip is for adults only, stopping every few hours to stretch, use the restroom, and walk around is a wise idea to help improve blood flow throughout the body.

Plan for comfort


When multiple people are traveling in the same car, chances are that you will encounter some differences in temperature preferences. To avoid being overly cold or hot, be prepared. Keep blankets within easy reach for the cold passengers. Consider packing some handheld fans for the warmer passengers. Additionally, be sure to dress comfortably– loose fitting pants and shirts are ideal for long road trips.

Be mindful of your posture

If you’re the driver, paying attention to your posture is extremely important to help avoid achy muscles. Set your seat so that you don’t have to stretch to reach the steering wheel. Avoid slouching and consider using a small pillow to support the small of your back. Use cruise control when you can so that you can keep your feet rested on the floor– a position that is easier on your back and hips.

Don’t drive drowsy

Prior to leaving for your trip, get plenty of sleep. Once you’re on the road, pay attention to your state of mind. If you’re feeling groggy or sluggish, pull over for a break– or for a driver change.

  • Coffee: If your fighting fatigue stop and get a coffee. The energy drinks work, but the sugar is not healthy.
  • Audio Books: Get some books on tape and play them. This will keep you from drifting mentally.
  • Pain: Yep, if your dozing off there’s nothing like pain to keep you awake. It’s better than death. Shift the seat so its not as comfortable. Place a rubberband around your wrist and snap it from time to time. Pinch your ear lobe.
  • Sing to Music: This is a excellent technique. Play your favorite song and sing to it. Get you hart and mind moving.
  • Ice: Chew on ice. This is very effective technique. Stop off and get a cup of ice at a convince store. This is a life saver.
  • Wet Cloth: Get some wipes and wipe your neck and face. Remember, being warm will put you to sleep, keep cool.
  • Open The Windows: After using wipes open your window and get some air circulating. This will be super effective in the winter.
  • Talk: Talking to your passengers keeps your brain working. Ask them to help.
  • Big Meals: Don’t eat heavy pizza or burgers. A full stomach will not help.
  • Mint: Listerine makes something called “PocketPaks” these breath strips are SUPER minty. They are guaranteed to wake you up if you get drowsy during long road trips.

Reduce Stress

Part of having a less stressful road trip involves planning ahead. Once you’re in the car, though, you can help to reduce your stress level by playing music softly and using relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing. Additionally, you might consider downloading the Waze app, which connects drivers to each other. That way, you can get a heads up about upcoming traffic and learn about alternate routes from other drivers.

What are your methods to keep comfortable during long trips? Reply below and let us know. For more information about keeping comfortable during road trips, please contact us.

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