5 Reasons Why Getting Stuck In Wilmington, DE is Best Solved by Waze

Never Get Stuck In Wilmington, DE Traffic Again

There’s a free cell phone application allowing you to receive traffic reports in Wilmington, Delaware that are generated from fellow users. The program works on both Iphone and Droid phones and is an absolute game changer when it comes to knowing what’s happening down the road. The software is called Waze and it draws its power from a large and ever growing group of users. These users share what see at their location which in turn helps you become instantly aware of any hazard that may arise. Local radio is a good source for avoiding traffic but can they warn you when there’s tire rubber lying in middle of the road? This system is so powerful that it will warn you of impending rain. You’ll have time to roll up our windows and turn you headlights on before it hits. It’s this by the second information that makes Waze the most valuable phone apps for your automotive driving experience when navigating the city of Wilmington, De.

5 Reasons Why Waze Is A Must Have For Wilmington, Delaware Travel

#1 Ease of Use:

It’s much easier to use than most GPS systems. Waze uses your phone’s interface which makes use a snap. The interface is simple and has almost a toy like interface but brings enormous functionality to your phone.

#2 Speed Trap Warnings

Speed Trap Warning

Red light cameras are everywhere in Wilmington, De and they have no mercy. Its always nice to be reminded when one is approaching. Also, If a fellow Waze driver sees a speed trap you’ll be made aware of it immediately. Waze will tell you if the man in blue is hiding or out in the open and unlike a radar detector you’ll get plenty of warning time. Shhhh, Keep this feature on the downlow ;).

3# Know Who’s Coming When

let’s pretend your having a party in Wilmington, De and the speaker is from out of town. If that person has Waze and you have them as a “Friend” you will be provided a live status on where they are on your Waze map. This will help you coordinate setting up the party or give your guests an update as to when your speaker is arriving.

Watch the video below for more information on this feature.

Speed Trap Warning

#4 Get Opinoin On Wilmington, DE Stores

So your from out of town and your in Wilmington, DE. You have a few minutes before your meeting and you’d like some lunch. All you have to do is take a peek at your Waze map and look for a local sandwich shops to see who gets the best rating from fellow Waze users. You phone is now a personal store review system giving you current info on all local restaurants.

#5 Get Info On Traffic Stoppages

You know that feeling when your not moving on route 95 and you have no idea what’s going on? Now you can have a “Map Chat” with Waze users who are ahead of you. They can provide tips on avoiding the the traffic or tell you in advance when the road is clear. They can even take a picture of the accident to give you a heads up as to what’s going on. The system is a modern day CB radio but with more features.

The Bottom Line

Now that Google has purchased Waze and combined it with Google Maps the features are plentiful. This software is absolutely useful and perfect for the car. Give it a try, you’ll love it.

Click below to download the application. Enjoy!

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