5 Car Service Repairs That Cost More Now And Less Later


Car owners know that regular maintenance and tune up services are crucial for keeping your car running smoothly. However, there are some auto repair services that our skilled experts at Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center can easily identify, and take care of for you, before they cause you a costly breakdown. Our ASE Certified technicians have created a list of 5 car repairs you can have taken care of today, that will save you time and money tomorrow.

Timing Belt & Serpentine Belt Replacement

Accessing these belts inside your vehicle can be is no easy car repair. If one of your belts is compromised, or needs replacing, it’s beneficial to have them both replaced. The philosophy is the following. You have a bad belt and it must be fixed. It takes added labor hours to get to the belts. You might as well replace both belts while were there. It makes sense and will save you car service cost in the future.


You might think getting a wheel-alignment doesn’t require immediate car service, however, the consequences can be a little more serious than the car pulling slightly to the left or the right. An uneven frame can weaken the structural integrity of your car, and put added strain on certain parts of your tires. The additional wear on your wheels greatly decreases their lifespan, as well as their traction, and integrity on the road.

Fuel Pump Replacement

If you know what to look for, you can get some pretty clear signals that your fuel pump needs replacing, before it fails completely. If you car tends to “buck” forward occasionally while driving, or it’s having difficulty turning over when you try and start it, your fuel pump could be to blame. Have your fuel pump taken care of early, to prevent it from causing further damage to your engine.

Shocks & Struts

Your shocks and struts make up some of the key components of your suspension system. This is another pair of auto parts that are beneficial to replace at the same time. They usually tend to fail around the same mileage, and having them replaced together, can save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches in the future.


If you find yourself needing a jump (and you didn’t leave your lights on!), or you notice some corrosion on the top of your battery, it’s probably time to have it replaced. Having a battery you can’t rely on can easily put you in a situation where you’re stranded. We will install a new battery for you that you can count on for years to come. It’s just common sense car service.

Our expert team of mechanics is happy to help you with all of these auto services in Wilmington, DE, and more. Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment anytime online. We’re looking forward to helping you keep your car running like new for years to come!

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