4 Easy Ways You Can Take Charge of Your Vehicle’s Health

4 Easy Ways You Can Take Charge of Your Vehicle’s Health

Now is the best time to get caught up on auto repair. Think about it—summer is approaching fast! You want to spend your summer on vacation, not in the repair shop! It’s time to prioritize where you want to spend your time and money.

If you haven’t already booked summer plans, you’re probably starting to. Are you taking your car on vacation? If the answer is yes, making sure your vehicle is ready for the road is step one to a seamless vacation experience.

Here are four ways you can take charge of your vehicle’s health—not just during this season, but year-round!

1. Be Proactive with Preventative Maintenance


Stay on top of your oil changes, tire rotations, fluid services, and other regular maintenance your vehicle needs to perform at its best.

Our service team will work with you to create a maintenance schedule based on the needs of your specific vehicle. We also provide complimentary tire rotations with each oil change. Rotating your tires every few thousand miles keeps your tires uniform and maximizes their lifespan. You’ll have better traction and control over your vehicle when your tires are wearing down evenly.


2. Spend a Little Now, Save Big Later!

Is your service advisor recommending a heftier service, like a transmission flush or spark plug replacement? They’re doing it with your best interest in mind! Spending a couple hundred on a recommended service will save you an additional several hundred or thousand dollars in the future. The cost of a full transmission or brake replacement far outweighs the cost of a smaller service needed to keep them running smoothly.

Keep in mind that tax season is upon us! Eligible for a refund? Consider putting it towards those new brake pads you’ve been putting off. You could prevent a bigger repair down the road.


3. Be A Responsible Driver

Driving responsibly is just as important as preventative maintenance. For example, if you’re a serial speeder, you’ll wear out your brakes faster and spend more money on gas. Obey speed limits, don’t accelerate unless necessary, and be gentle on your brakes!

Be sure to avoid potholes and excessive swerving on the road to preserve your suspension and alignment. Not only will you keep you and your vehicle safe, but you’ll also keep the people around you safe! And you’ll save money, of course.


4. Choose A Reliable Auto Repair Shop

You’re more likely to save when you have a go-to auto repair shop. A good auto repair shop knows the investment you put into your car. There are many benefits to having an auto repair home. You’ll save yourself stress, time, and money down the road when you establish a relationship with a trusted mechanic.

Paul Campanella’s Auto & Tire Center prioritizes your time and safety, no matter how big the job. The best way to experience our service without opening your wallet is through our digital courtesy inspections. These multi-point inspections include photos and service recommendations for your vehicle. You can access them from your mobile or desktop device via text or email. Understanding your vehicle’s health has never been easier!

Our customers also love our courtesy tire plugs—they come in handy when you hit a pesky nail!

Each of our locations also provides courtesy shuttle and loaner vehicles to eliminate your wait. Just because your car is in the shop doesn’t mean your life has to stop! Be sure to ask about our specials and financing options during your visit.

To get all the benefits that come with being a PCA customer, you’ll have to experience our service for yourself! Get the experience today by scheduling your visit online or calling one of our locations. We look forward to serving you!

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