3 Common Transmission Mistakes

Your vehicle depends on the transmission to run. Without it, your vehicle isn’t going to go anywhere. Sadly, vehicle owners often neglect their vehicles until something goes wrong and they have no other option. This could end up costing you far more in repairs than what it is worth. Many people have car misconceptions when it comes to their transmission. To get the most out of your transmission, you need to refrain from making one of the costly mistakes below.

Neglecting to Get Your Transmission Serviced

Your transmission needs proper tuning. In the same way that you go to the dentist or the doctor for a checkup, you should take your vehicle in for its checkup. Not getting your vehicle serviced properly will cause a bunch of contaminants to get into the system. Over the course of time, they will end up forming a sludge and causing major problems with your system. Continue ignoring the problem and you can expect your transmission to fail from not maintaining it properly. A routine transmission service will check for possible leaks and weird sounds. This can help you take care of problems before they turn into something major.

Not Using the Right Fluid

Putting the wrong fluid in your vehicle is just as bad as not having enough fluid in the transmission. While some people believe that all fluids are identical, that isn’t the case. Specific types of transmissions need specific fluids in them to run at optimal performance. Different fluids are different viscosities. They also have different additives put into them to keep the vehicles operating properly. If you use an ATF that is meant for one model in another one, it will cause it to struggle with lubrication and cooling.

Putting Problems Off

If you noticed a dark fluid in your driveway or strange noises when driving your vehicle, you need to take in your vehicle and have it looked at by a service professional. When your system starts acting up, that’s a sign that something isn’t right. If you ignore the sounds and fluid, you can expect something to happen to your vehicle. Continuing to operate your vehicle when something isn’t right will cause it to break down and your vehicle to need a new transmission. Rebuilding a transmission is far costlier than it is to have your vehicle inspected when it starts acting up.

By taking care of your vehicle properly, you can save yourself a lot of hassles and headaches down the road. Contact us for additional information and to schedule an appointment today.


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