3 Common Car Misconceptions That People Can’t Stand

Everyone has their own opinions about what makes a vehicle worth owning. But sometimes, those theories are just plain, old nonsense, and having to listen to them…well that’s enough to drive anyone crazy. Here are three common car misconceptions that will make you want to tear your hair out.

Car Misconception #1: Snow Tires Are a Scam

Think you can get away with rocking your all-season rubbers year round? Think again. All-season tires are designed to give you solid traction and good handling when conditions are dry or wet. However, they are not made to take on heavy snow and ice or really cold temperatures.

Snow tires, on the other hand, have seriously aggressive tread that is specially patterned to move through snow and ice without slipping or caking. They’re also made of a specific rubber that remains flexible when temperatures drop low; the rubber used in regular tires becomes more brittle when it’s that cold.

People also tend to complain about the extra expense of investing in snow tires when they’ve already had to pay for their existing set. But think of it this way: If you drive on your snow tires for half the year and use your all-seasons for the other half, you’re going to extend the life of both (as long as you store them properly in between).

So this fall, make sure you’re prepared for whatever winter throws your way and gear up with a set of snow tires that will keep you and everyone else in the car safe and sound.

Car Misconception #2: Turbocharged is More Fun

A lot of people mistakenly assume that the word “turbocharged” means a car will be as fun as an expensive sports car. Turbochargers shoot extra air into the engine, which, when matched with the correct ratio of added fuel, offers drivers a good amount of extra torque or thrust. Though that might have you feeling hot to trot at first, many modern cars with small turbo engines actually accelerate more slowly than similar models with larger, regular engines.

You also shouldn’t plan on saving much on gas with a turbo. Because more fuel is needed to align with the amount of air being pumped into the engine, efficiency doesn’t end up being a real big win here.

So if you’re looking to spice up your ride, get suggestions from your mechanic or another car expert. Don’t just fall for snazzy wordplay, because you may end up disappointed.

Car Misconception #3: Premium Fuel Will Improve Performance

You may have heard the myth that if your car is designed to run on regular gas and you dose it with premium, it will perform better. Is it true? As the guys from Car Talk put it: “Let’s be perfectly clear about this: NO!” Higher octane fuel does not provide any added benefits for vehicles that aren’t specifically designed to run on it.

In addition, if you choose to go along with this myth, you could end up paying hundreds of extra dollars for gas each year. There are plenty of effective things you can do to make sure your car performs its best. So why waste money on something that doesn’t help?

If you’re concerned about your car’s performance or you just want to make sure it will keep running great for many years to come, contact us. Our expert team can help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.


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