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Safety Tips to Avoid Your Blind Spot

Each year, many auto accidents are caused because of blind spots. Blind spots can be extremely dangerous at high speeds on highways. Here are some tips to avoid your blind spots while driving.

Check Mirrors for the Narrow Angle

Mirror positioning is an easy mistake to make. Many drivers will create a blind spot by mistaking the correct mirror position to view their own vehicle. The vision from the side mirror angle becomes too narrow, and highly overlaps the rear-view mirror vision. Through a narrow-angle, wide vision is lost, and the driver has now created a blind spot. Drivers are unaware when trying to change lanes on an open highway that the lane adjacent is actually occupied by another vehicle.

Adjusting Mirrors for the Wide Angle

When pushing mirrors out and away from your vehicle, it enables a far wider vision. The driver should not see the side of their own vehicle. Though many would suggest they are using their own vehicle as a point of reference when checking for clearance, another vehicle could be directly next to them without them knowing. The proper wide angle should only slightly overlap with rear-view mirror’s range of vision.

Test It

When testing for the correct mirror angle on a vehicle, it is far easier and safer to do it in the driveway. Ask a family member or a friend to help by walking up the passenger’s side from behind your parked vehicle. Walking slowly into each of the typical blind spots should allow for continual adjustment until the blind spots are gone. The range of vision from both side mirrors as well as the rear-view mirrors should create a full transition from one side of the vehicle to the other. Correct positioning will help avoid blind spots, but don’t forget to still quickly check over your shoulder when changing lanes. Drive safely!

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