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Car Misconceptions About Recalls 2

Car Misconceptions About Recalls

Many car owners won’t deal with this conundrum. Regrettably, if your car is on a recall list, here are some car misconceptions to look over before jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Recalls are rare: Recalls happen yearly, so it isn’t rare. It sounds rare because we depend so much on the news for information, and the news isn’t going to inform watchers of every existing recall. If a recall includes your car, the manufacturer will inform you.

Complaints lead to a recall: Just because many people complain, it doesn’t mean a recall is down the line. Complaints tell manufacturers something is wrong. An investigation occurs with one complaint, so many are a cause for concern. However, recalls ensue based on severity and substantial evidence, not complaints. Many car recalls occur because the manufacturer noticed it before the public did.

Recalls are urgent: The point of recalls is to prevent urgency. Some recalls are a preventative measure while others occur through serious incidents. However, take all recalls seriously as ignoring it will increase the risk.

My car is safe because the details aren’t specific: If they don’t mention the make and model of the car, you are not safe. Few complaints about your make and model transpire. Go to a nearby car shop for any concerns.

Recalls show poor quality in manufacturing: Recalls don’t indicate faulty installation for first time recalls. The problem can occur suddenly or through complaints. Continued recalls such as Toyota models does stir that stigma. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that the company is terrible. Recalls are part of the car industry. Consumers need to concern themselves with companies that never offered a recall. Instead of being upfront and warning the public about faulty equipment, those companies are hiding the problem.

Respect companies who are willing to show their flaws and issue a recall. It’s nothing to fear; it’s a lovely gesture to keep your vehicle safe from possible accidents. For more information on car misconceptions, contact us.


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